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Our site went live in 2015 with the goal of providing students online with the best information relating to preparing for different AP exams.

Who We Are

We have 2 permanent admins on the site, but we also employ writers who have experience with AP exams or the online education fields.

We don’t want to disclose our names as the last time we did it our personal Facebook pages were spammed to death. 🙁
However, you guys should know that some of our writers have been on the AP exam reviewers board, and some of them are high school teachers with over 10 years of teaching their respective AP class.

Why We Are Members Of The Amazon Affiliate Program

Some of the links on our sites are Amazon Affiliate links. There are a couple reasons for this:

  • To cover the basic costs of operating a website such as hosting and domain name costs.
  • To cover the costs of sending mini-gifts to our writers. (Most of the writers on our site do it because they want to help others and don’t expect any payment in return, but we still try to help them out with gift-cards and school supplies when we can)
  • To improve the quality of the content on our site.

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