On our website you will find the best books for preparing for the AP exam. All of the books are handpicked by us, and we make sure that the content is relevant to the current version of the test.

Our goal is to help you get a 4 or a 5 so you can earn college credit and increase your chances of getting admitted into a better college.

College Board changes the format of 1 or 2 tests each year, and we check the changes to make sure that all of the books we recommend comply to the new standards. For every test we will tell you if you can use an older book, or if you need to purchase a newer one to keep up with the changes and make your studying more efficient.


Test Information

For each test we will write a short summary of the format and tell you our favorite books to use while studying for the test.

We will also have a short, but sweet self-study section that will tell you how much time you need to self study for the exam, and how you should go about doing so.

We plan on posting detailed book reviews and self-studying guides that will tell you how to study for each exam if you have 6 months, 1 month, or a week until the exam.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about the website, please contact us.

We hope to provide the best information to help you get ready for the AP exam and get the 5 that you deserve.

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