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The AP Comparative Government exam consists of 2 sections. The first one is multiple choice, has 55 questions, lasts 45 minutes, and counts for 50% of your overall exam score.

The second section is free response. It consists of 8 questions, lasts 100 minutes, and counts for 50% of your total exam score. There are 5 short answer concept questions, two country context questions, and one conceptual analysis question.

College Board provides free example test questions, so click here if you want to check them out, as well as our reviews of the best AP Comparative Government books.

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Thursday, May 17th 2018

Last Time The Exam Changed

The AP Comparative Government exam has not been changed, and there are no plans for changing it in the near future.

The Best AP Comparative Government Books

Book CoverDescriptionOur RatingPrice
Best AP Comparative Government TextbookPrinciples of Comparative Politics

2nd Edition

William Roberts Clark
Matt Golder
Sona Golder

(Best AP Comparative Government
4.9View Price
AP Comparative Government Best Review BookAP Comparative Government
and Politics

Ethel Wood

(Best AP Comparative
Government Review Book)
4.8View Price
Best AP Comparative Government Prep BookBarron's AP Comparative
Government & Politics


(Best AP Comparative
Government Prep Book)
4.2View Price

Best AP Comparative Politics TextbookOf the many comparative government and politics textbooks available, we think the Principles of Comparative Politics does the best job in covering the material that you’ll find on the AP exam. That’s why we’ve selected it as the Best AP Comparative Government Textbook.

This book does an excellent job at structuring the lessons and really diving deep into each section. Chapters are quite long and after each chapter there is an extensive exercise section with the correct answers. This textbook has nearly twice as much practice questions as any other comparable textbook.

Before you purchase any review books or prep books, make sure you pick up this AP Comparative Government Textbook so that you can have a fundamental understand of the concepts before you start to prepare for the exam.

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AP Comparative Government Best Review BookThe best AP Comparative Government review book to use for reviewing is the AP Comparative Government and politics coursebook.

This is one of the few review books that is tailored specifically for comparative government. This is one of the least popular AP exams and many publishers have decided not to invest heavily in the material. We really like the depth of this book and think it beats out the major brands like Barron’s.

If you read the full textbook we recommended above and pair it with this review book built specifically for the AP comparative government exam, we think you will have an incredible chance to score a 5.

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Best AP Comparative Government Prep BookWe only recommend picking up Barron’s book if budget is a major concern. In our view, the Barron’s book doesn’t do nearly as good a job as our above two picks. We are aware that funds can be tight, especially for a high school student trying to save for college. If you simply can’t afford to buy the textbook, then Barron’s AP Comparative Government and Politics is adequate study material to get you started.

If you do choose to purchase this prep book, we think you should spend a lot of extra time with online study guides and free material to supplement your studies. That’s why we’ve ranked it as The Best AP Comparative Government Prep Book.

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Self-Study Tips

The AP Comparative Government exam is a very easy AP to study for.

You can start studying 2 weeks before the test, and still get a 5.

We recommend reading this AP Comparative Government book cover to cover, doing all of the chapter tests, and doing the 2 practice AP tests.

You can also look at some of the old AP questions found here if you want to make sure that you are 100% ready for the exam.