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The AP Environmental Science exam consists of 2 sections. The first one is multiple choice, has 100 questions, lasts 90 minutes, and counts for 60% of your overall exam score. .

The second section is free response. It consists of 4 questions, lasts 90 minutes, and counts for 40% of your total exam score. There is one question based on data sets, one document based question, and 2 synthesis and evaluation questions.

College Board provides free example test questions, so click here if you want to check them out. Be sure to also read our reviews of the Best AP Enviornmental Science books.

Date of Next Exam

Tuesday, May 10th, 2018

Last Time The Exam Changed

The exam has not been changed yet, and there are no plans to change it within the next 3 years.

The Best AP Environmental Science Books for 2018

Book CoverDescriptionOur RatingPrice
The Best AP Environmental Science TextbookEnvironmental Science
AP Edition

Friedland, Relyea

(Best AP Environmental
Science Textbook)
5.0View Price
Best AP Environmental Science Prep BookStrive for a Five
Preparing for Environmental
Science Exam

Friedland, Relyea

(Best AP Environmental
Science Prep Book)
4.8View Price
Best AP Environmental Science Review BookCracking The AP
Environmental Science Exam

The Princeton Review

(Best AP Environmental
Science Review Book)
4.5View Price

The Best AP Environmental Science TextbookThe Friedland / Relyea is the best AP Environmental Science textbook designed specifically to cover all aspects of Advanced Placement (AP). Unlike the review & prep books that you will find below, this book covers all the fundamental concepts you are required to know to truly understand environmental science. Not only are all the core concepts covered in-depth, each chapter is followed up by exercise questions that are similar to what you’ll find on the real exam.

Before you open a review book or a prep book, make sure you complete all the chapters of the textbook. It’s likely that some of the sections can be skipped if it overlaps with information you learned during the school year.

We considered over 5 different textbooks and find that this is simply the best one if your goal is to score a 5 on the AP Environmental Science exam.

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Best AP Environmental Science Prep BookBy far the very best AP Environmental science preparation book you can buy to use in conjunction with the Environmental Science, AP Edition textbook is the Strive for a 5 AP prep book. This book is the most extensive in it’s practice questions that cover the entire textbook, which you can use for reference.

Unlike the other prep and review books that try to quickly go over the concepts that might be on the exam, this prep book covers the ENTIRE textbook, so you will be as prepared as humanly possible. If you are serious about getting a 5 on the test, then buy both the textbook above as well as this AP environmental science prep book.

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Best AP Environmental Science Review BookIf you are on a tight budget or your goal isn’t necessarily to get a perfect 5 on the test, you can get The Princeton Review’s Cracking the AP Environmental Science Exam, 2018 edition. This review book effectively teaches you what’s going to be on the test, but it isn’t nearly as comprehensive as purchasing the textbook and fully understanding all the concepts. It took our spot for the best AP environmental science review book this year.

We only recommend this book to students who are not looking to pursuit a career in Environmental Science and are taking this AP exam for other reasons.

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Self-Study Tips

The AP Environmental Science exam is notoriously easy to study for.

In fact, it is possible to start studying less than a week before it and still get a 5.

Here’s how:

    1. Fully read through the Crash Course book and understand everything in it.
    2. Go through the Princeton Review book and catch up on content you might’ve missed in the Crash Course book.
    3. Take one practice test and figure out your weak areas.
    4. Skim through both of the books again, paying more attention to the sections you missed on the practice test.
    5. Do another practice test.
    6. Do a couple questions in each section of the 5 Steps To A 5 book.