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AP Statistics Textbooks are required to take the exam, which consists of 2 sections. The first is a multiple choice section that has 40 questions and lasts 90 minutes, and the second one is a 6 question free response section that lasts 90 minutes. They both account for 50% of your exam score.

The first 5 questions on the free response are short answer, and the last question is an investigative task.

College Board provides free example test questions, so click here if you want to check them out.

Next Exam Date

Thursday, May 17th 2018

Last Time The Exam Changed

The exam was last changed in 2010-2011

The Best AP Statistics Books for 2018

Book CoverDescriptionOur RatingPrice
The Best AP Statistics TextbookStats: Modeling the World
4th Edition

David E. Bock

(Best AP Statistics Textbook)
4.9View Price
Best AP Statistics Review BookBarron's AP Statistics
9th Edition


(Best AP Statistics Review Book)
4.6View Price
The Best AP Statistics Prep BookCracking the AP Statistics
Exam, 2018 Edition

The Princeton Review

(Best AP Statistics Prep Book)
4.5View Price

The Best AP Statistics TextbookThe AP Statistics exam is widely considered one of the most difficult exams in Advanced Placement due to the fact many high school curriculum don’t dive deep enough into statistics during the course of the school year. For that reason, you can’t simply buy a review or prep book and expect to score a 5 on this very challenging exam.

Stats: Modeling the World, 4th Edition by David Bock is the very best Statistics textbook you can get specifically to prepare for the AP exam. This textbook covers all the fundamental concepts that you will be tested on, as well as an abundant amount of exercises built right in.

If you are serious about pursuing any career in the sciences, statistics are a must, and therefore you should get the very best textbook available on the market.

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Best AP Statistics Review BookBarron’s AP Statistics textbook is the best option to review for the AP exam hands down.

It has a diagnostic test and five full length practice exams, and all of the test questions are answered and explained.

The 15-chapter book covers everything you need to know for the AP exam, and it even has a section that explains how to take advantage of your calculator for the AP Stats exam.

If the 5 full length practice exams aren’t enough, you’ll be happy to know that if you purchase this book, you’ll also get a bonus online practice test.

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The Best AP Statistics Prep BookWhile it may be a bit redundant to purchase The Princeton Review’s Cracking the AP Statistics Exam when you already have the Barron’s book, considering the low cost and the high importance of the AP Statistics exam, we think it’s well worth the investment to “overkill” a little bit on the study front. If you read any of our other reviews, you’ll notice that we never recommend this.

While this book only has 2 practice tests included, as opposed to the 5 in the Barron’s book, this book does a better job to review core concepts, some of which are missing in Barron’s. As long as you’ve read the textbook, you should do well to get in the repetition using this AP Statistics prep book.

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Self-Study Tips

The AP Statistics exam is a very difficult exam and requires considerable study to score a 5.

We recommend buying this book to actually learn the material, and then taking Barron’s diagnostic test and going through sections that you had problems with.

You can also watch the videos on Khan Academy if the Moore textbook and Barron’s aren’t enough for you.

You should also know how to use your graphing calculator for the exam, as many of the multiple choice questions can be easily answered if you know how to use your calculator.